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Cell Structure & Function

Learning Objectives
  1. Describe the Cell Theory
  2. Explain how microscopes work, and compare the different types of microscopes
  3. Compare and contrast prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells
  4. Describe the role of the nucleus
  5. Discuss each of the organelles involved in production and transport of proteins
  6. Describe each of the organelles involved in energy use
  7. Describe the function of the cell membrane
  8. Compare and contrast active and passive transport
  9. Explain solute and solvent movement in hypertonic, hypotonic, and isotonic solutions
  10. Explain how cells maintain homeostasis
  11. Describe how cells in multicellular organisms communicate
(Hnr Bio)  Today we will prepare for the Biology Test on Friday.  Use the objectives, review questions, quizlets, ppt to review for this test. 
(Hnr Bio) Clarifications:  You are to have 2 Venn-Diagrams on one side of the poster paper.  One Venn-Diagram will compare two type of passive transport and the other Venn-Diagram will compare two types of active transport.  On the other side of the poster paper will be a labeled drawing of one type of specific transport.  Show how this transport works.  If you are finished, work on your contracts which are due on Monday.  Reminder:  You will be quizzed on Section 7.3 on Friday.
(Hnr Bio) You will be working on comparing types of passive and active transport using Venn-diagrams.  You will also create a poster depicting a specific type of transport.  I have included a word document that describes what you need to do under class resources and is titled Passive and Active Transport Activity.  Work hard and well.
(Hnr Bio) You will be given class time to take your quiz.  You will have again 2 opportunities to score higher than 80%.  Figure 7-2 and 7-3 are included in a word document below the link to the quiz.
(Bio I) Chapter 7.2 Notes are due after T-break.
11/15- Read about the use of Microscopes on A-14 in your textbook in preparation for Friday's microscope lab. 
11/14- 7.2 Notes due 11/19 and there will be a short quiz on the notes as well.  If you have not yet achieved an 80% on the first quiz, you must meet with me before the weekend to retake the quiz.
11/12- 7.1 & 7.4 Notes due today.  We will have a short quz on the notes.  Stay on top of the work.